The Racoons, folk-rock band  

About the band
The Racoons is a Russian band playing Celtic folk-rock. Arranging traditional Irish and Britton music (not only!) the band makes a strange brew of folk, reggae, jazz-rock and a bit of the Swinging Sixties. In the beginning of its carrier the band covered The Beatles, the Stones and The Who. Following the example of folk-stars of the 70-s, such as Tri Yann, Fairport Convention etc., the band combines rock instruments - electric guitars, drums, bass, - with mandolin, fiddle and Irish tin whistle. The Racoons sing in English, French, German, Russian, Czech, believing meanwhile, that music and the mood produced by it, mean more than words.
The philosophy of the band is simple. The Racoons appreciate good sense of humor and - being true Russians - a good booze. In their opinion, alcohol and music - these are two things, which lie at the heart of European folk culture.
The Racoons live in Nizhny Novgorod, the big city on the bank of the Volga, 400 km to the East of Moscow. Founded in 1997, since 2002 the group has been presenting itself at the folk stage of Russia. The band is popular with Celtic folk fans in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Racoons take active part in folk festivals and popularize Celtic music and folk music in general in their native town.
The Racoons believe that music has no borders either in time, or in space. This explains the existence of a Russian band playing Celtic music with guitars from the Beatles era.

Mikhail Mike Sautkin - guitar, vocal, tin whistle;
Anton Guriev - solo guitar, mandolin, vocal;
Marina Vishnyakova - fiddle;
Alexey Sheyanov bass;
Dmitry Ivanov - drums.

Michael Sautkin
Tel. +7 (8312) 62-16-84; mob. +7 (920) 257-78-17

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